Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Saturday AM

"The early bird gets the worm" or so they say... In my case, the early bird gets a wonderful experience. And pictures to prove it! Finally, I was home on a Saturday morning. In my little town. Wide awake and strolling about town before the cool morning mist had dissipated.

Ah, the sights and sounds. Here's one beautiful little thistle. Painful and pretty.

I (heart) farmer's markets.

And the sight that literally made me stop in my tracks. And do a double-take. (even the farmer noticed! "Oh! Something caught her eye!)
PURPLE PEPPERS!... amazing. And yes, I did buy one. Still contemplating its future...

Perfect morning stop at the neighborhood coffee shop for a specialty mocha & breakfast scone. People-watching and meeting new friends. British ones! :) I adore accents. :)

And finally. A street fair! In my little town!

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