Thursday, December 29, 2011

Glitter & Gold on a Wintry Day {PA Wedding Photographer}

Christmas cards. Everyone wants a pretty family photo for their Christmas cards. And I'm *totally* a fan of that! However, my November/December schedule was totally packed-and-crazy-busy full that I couldn't do any Christmas photo shoots..

And then my brother & sister-and-law asked. And y'all know how it goes.... ya just can't say no to family! (not that I would want to!) :) Actually, the only time I could squeeze them in was 7:00 am on a Saturday morning.. and they were game for it!! So we decided to be a little crazy. After alot of dancing around behind my camera to get the dog to look at me (dogs are worse than toddlers!), we had some more fun.

Themed portrait shoot, anyone?
Welcome to our version of "All that glitters isn't gold... but it's still pretty." :D

Glitter and gold.
Wintry sun. And the juxtaposition of shiny & rustic.
And a great couple who love each other.

I loved it.

Zeph & Kelsey rockin' the random bench in the woods look.

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Thursday, December 15, 2011

Brandon & Naomi's Wedding, Part II {Personal}

I am finally blogging about our wedding day. If you missed it, you can read Part 1 here!

Onward to the most wonderful parts of our wedding day...
I waited for about 30 minutes in a tent for the guests to arrive. I was not waiting alone..

We handcrafted fans as our ceremony programs. After a morning of thunderstorms & humidity, our guests appreciated the fans quite a bit!

And then the music played... it was time to become husband & wife.
On my daddy's arm... wearing my mother's veil.
Making our forever-vows..

First kiss!
The memorable first-kiss moment... after we kissed, we heard the guests' laughter. I whispered to Brandon, "are they laughing at us?" (that would be weird!).. "No," Brandon said. "After we kissed, some kid say 'Ewwww!'" That would be our ring-bearer & nephew, Noah. I still giggle about that moment as I'm writing this story... Kids say the darnedest things!

We're married!!

We took a few minutes alone to revel in our newly-married bliss. 

My absolute favorite portrait of our wedding day. 
So very lovely.

Another moment with my beloved.

And now, it is time to celebrate!
Our wedding reception was such a labor of love by us, and our friends and family. The wedding decorations were created me (the bride), and my friends and family. The cookies were baked (with love and lots of tasting ;) by yours truly + friends. The cupcakes were created by my friend and wedding planner, Linda. The Wisconsin cheese and sausage were a gift from my dairy-farmer uncle and assembled by dear family. 
So much love. And so much delicious food!!

Instead of a wedding cake, we opted for our three favorite flavors of cupcakes!
Key Lime, Chocolate with Peanut Butter Frosting & Carrot Cake with Cream Cheese Frosting!

Just for the little ones...
My niece, all dressed up for the wedding.

A fun moment of any reception is the toasts, and our best man and matron of honor did not disappoint! Louis, the best man, did a phenomenal job... he's been a 'Brandon & Naomi' fan almost since the beginning of our friendship. When we reconnected on January 8th of this year, Louis said knowingly,"You're gonna marry her. This year." And he was right. 

My sister and matron-of-honor, Nikki, also gave a smashing rendition of a toast. Complete with props. She told stories of her & I mowing the lawn together.... and how I have Brandon to walk beside me in life. :)

Caaaaake... (I'm really looking forward to eating this cake again on our first year anniversary!!)

A little mingling, chatting and smiling with our guests.

Delicious brownie-pop favors for our guests! The kids loved them. ;)

It was one beautiful August night. Our wedding was beautiful, outstanding, and such a wonderful celebration of our love & lifelong commitment to each other. Thank you to our friends & family for being there to celebrate with us and for giving your love and support as we begin our new life together...