Thursday, July 29, 2010

{Wedding} Michael & Anna

The theme of the day is delight. Michael & Anna are completely delighted with one another. On July 24, 2010, they pledged to love and cherish one another... and they were delighted to do so!
Gorgeous day. Gorgeous dress.

Wedding day jewelry to choose from.

Sunlight streaming through church windows.. highlighting sunny yellow flowers. The place seemed alive with joy!

Michael is getting ready. And waiting for his love.

The bride arrives..

Anna, radiant with joy and delight!

Moments with the bride and mother-of-the-bride.

The bride and her bridesmaids huddle in a prayer circle...

The time has come! (this shot by Abbie, my 2nd-shooter)

Michael sees his beloved...

Praying together, delighting in their Lord.

Looks of delight.

Tokens of their love.

Their first kiss. Ever!

The bridal party's surprise!

The entire bridal party! I loved this group!

Michael & Anna. So happy. So in love.

Reception moments...

Cake! (cake shot grabbed by Abbie!)

Michael & Anna's first dance:

The father-daughter dance was more energetic than I've ever seen! :)

The mother-son dance. So sweet.

I have to share about this adorable sister-sister moment in the reception. The bride and her sister (also the matron of honor) sang a little duet called "Sisters" from the movie, White Christmas. First of all, I applaud their good taste in movies. Secondly, I like their sisterliness! Thirdly, they did it perfectly!

Farewell, Michael & Anna! It was a delight to document your beautiful wedding day! May God bless your lives together!

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Monday, July 26, 2010

{Personal} I Love Books

I love books.

Is that an obvious statement? :)

I like books so much that I seem to find them everywhere... garage sales, book shops, antique stores, flea markets, outdoor sales, indoor sales, as gifts, on youth trips, on vacation, everywhere, all the time, I find books. Or books find me.

I like old books... Musty, wrinkled, brown tattered old books. Like they're waiting to uncover the secrets of the past.

I like books that I read for the sole reason of first enjoying the movie adaptation. And then, I end up liking the book better anyway. Why can't film writers EVER get things right?

I like books that remind me of my childhood library trips. And my mom's rules of having to only get three Nancy Drew books and then had to get some "real" reading. Confession: I usually finished those three mystery books in less than 24 hours. * shakes head* Yeah, I was a bookworm.

Some of my favorites...
Charles Dickens. He's still a semi-favorite; I'm working on those books.
Grace Livingston Hill
- pure, classy novels that always inspire me to bake something. Honest!
Sherlock Holmes - Best detective ever. If he was a real person, I might stalk him.
And my "Les Miserables" set. Which I love because they're the only books I have that I really canNOT read. They're in French. ;)

Jane Austen + Louisa May Alcott. The best fiction shelf. And yes, there is a system to this. I'm just crazy enough to organize my books alphabetically by author's name. And divided into fiction and non-fiction categories. :)

I like books that challenge me. That cause me to consider what is truth and who God is. Books that cause me to think about eternal things, rather than this simple, shallow life we live day-by-day.

I like books that toe the line between reality and fantasy, that paint a picture of unseen glories, that masquerade as children's novels... and yet tell the story of redemption. Narnia is my second-home.

But what do I read?? Sooo many things!

These are my latest acquisitions/current reading stack. Diverse, no? We have a random Civil War diary, with a little poetry, a little classic fiction.. is that Dr. Suess, I see?.. Peter Cartwright, looking forward to getting into that one. He was a pistol-packin' preacher in the early American frontier. Fascinating!

And then... to relate this to photography:

I like books that grab your heart and tear into your soul on first glance. I saw this National Geographic photo several years ago and it stayed in my mind. Sometimes "a picture is worth a thousand words," is it not?

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