Friday, March 25, 2011

{Friday LOVE} Spring!!!

Spring has sprung. And I {LOVE} it.
Granted, I have never been much of a winter-lover. With exception of the years and years of family-snow-removal-business. Winter = Cold Weather = Snow = More $$$ for me! :) But now, I have been delivered from snow removal---yaaay! And so during the long, cold Pennsylvanian winters, I hibernate. Inside. With a cup of homemade hot cocoa, wearing a Snuggie & sitting by a space heater. :D

And one day.... after weeks of weather waffling... after cold snaps with SNOW and freakishly warm afternoons, I opened my front door and stepped out on the front porch. And saw this.

*photo by the ridiculously-convenient-but-not-perfect pocket camera*

Welcome, Spring! I {LOVE} you!

{Friday LOVE} is a weekly blog series chronicling random things, places, experiences, etc. that I LOVE.

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Giselle & Sarai {Sterling, VA Children's Portrait Photography}

In the midst of client emails and bride-to-bes and the upcoming wedding season, I'm a little distracted. By what, you say? By golden sunlight and vibrant spring dresses and the smiles of little girls. Adorably cute little girls. Little girls in their raven-haired glory. Sometimes clutching the tiniest spring flower. Sometimes holding hands with a dear sister. Sometimes smiling widely or innocently or silly. Always adorable.
Can you tell I have a soft spot for little girlies? And little boys, too.. Okay, I love all little people. :) :) :)

Today, meet my new friends - Giselle & Sarai! Sisters!

Giselle is seven years old. I like her. We had fun together!

A weeping willow in the sunlight. And a smiling face. :)

It was a glorious spring afternoon.

Sarai is four years old. With a sweet smile.

A little cheesiness. ;)

I'm thinkin' that I need to buy a new spring dress. :D These girls inspire me!

Lovin' the black & white series.

Friday, March 18, 2011

{Friday LOVE} One Thing

"But only a few things are necessary, really only one..." Luke 10:42

One thing
One thing we need
To sit at Your feet
Learn of You
Loving You
This is our... one thing.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Malachi & Jude {Sterling, VA Children's Portrait Photography}

A few weeks ago, I had the opportunity of photographing two handsome brothers! These adorable boys are sons of my dear friends. And these little men got style! ;)

Meet new-baby Jude!


Doesn't he have the biggest, most beautiful brown eyes?

Meet big-brother Malachi!

In the cold wintery days, we have to find nice buildings for portrait shooting.. fortunately, my friends' apartment complex has a very nice clubhouse. With a billiard room. Do you know what happens when you put a little boy in a billiard room?

... and you put him on top of the pool table?

Cuteness happens!

Awww... brotherly love!