Thursday, December 31, 2009

Kelsey - Senior Portraits

One of the beauties of shooting outdoors... there is a whole world of possibilities, locations, backgrounds, etc. I like new places and new ideas. My imagination gets all fired-up and I'm excited! For Kelsey's portraits, we started out in the little town of Boalsburg, PA. Historic. A little military-minded (claim to fame: Supposedly the founding place of Memorial Day traditions). Lots of scope for the imagination....

I know I posted these yesterday, but I just love them! The forest was magical!

My motto? There's a first time for everything! This photo shoot was the first time I ever was kicked out of a location. Maybe "kicked out" is too harsh of a term. More like, advised to pay a ridiculous fee or leave. We left... And I learned that not all historical locations are public property!! :)

Doesn't she look mischievous?


Sooo Kelsey loves the autumn season...

Ahhh, yes, the diversity of senior pictures.. I (heart) the uniqueness. :)

The end. *sigh* What a beautiful time we had!! :)

Kelsey - Sneak Peek!!!

My photography hobby/fledgling business has been going through sooo many changes recently. New laptop (which I affectionately call "The Monster"), new editing external monitor, new editing program and tons more fun stuff. Which I have been overcome with these HUGE, monumental changes, there have been several seniors patiently--yet enthusiastically--waiting for their senior portraits. I keep saying "It'll be worth the wait!! Really!" I'm not sure if these girls quite believe me. :) Give 'em a break though... they just wanna see the their portraits!!

Meet Kelsey. My youth group girl. And family friend. I'm pretty sure I've known her since she was a wee tyke! :) And then she grew up...

Since I talk about almost everyone's eyes, let me tell you a story about this girl's eyes. Back in the day when my first blog was still anonymous, I gave all my friends/youth group kids/etc. funny little nicknames to protect their identity. I remember vividly being at a party and staring at the sunlight reflecting on Kelsey's eyes, thinking, "she has beautiful brown eyes!" Emphasis on the brown. So I nicknamed her, "The Brown-Eyed Girl." It was a short while, and this girl informed me that her eyes were NOT brown --but rather, green.
I just could. not. believe it!

She was then nicknamed, "The Hazel-Eyed Girl"... Even then, I was not convinced. Finally, Kelsey's doctor solved this mystery and declared her eyes green. Who can argue with a medical doctor? Me. Yeah, I argued a little bit. :) (Disclaimer: My eyes are green. And look nothing like Kelsey's eyes. I was confused with good reason!!)

It wasn't until the end of Kelsey's senior portrait shoot that I finally admitted... her eyes were green. Not a gray/green like mine... but a unique golden green!! I like 'em!

Enough about eyes though.... There are more photos to come. Here's the sneak peek!

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Heidi - Senior

My roommate is graduating from Penn State University in less than a week. When we scheduled to do her senior portraits last Saturday, there was a snowstorm. Everything looked like this:

Because we are hardcore photo enthusiasts, we did the portrait shoot anyway... okay, actually because it's waaay too difficult to coordinate our schedules for a re-shoot! We had alot of fun though... running through the snowflakes, looking in different places for cover, shooting in big campus buildings with LOTS of windows (like this one)...
and afterwards, some hot chocolate to warm our insides! :)

Sometimes we get a little silly..

And this is what I look like during a COLD winter day...

Congratulations, Heidi!! You rocked college!

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Zach & Chelsea - Family

You don't take holidays from something you love. So when my brother called on Thanksgiving morning and asked me to take family portraits for his family, I was happy! "Yes, of course!"

Give me 15 minutes.
Some Christmas-y red shirts.
And a pretty fall-ish/almost-winter backyard...

And the end result? Family portraits! Zach (my brother), his wife and son... and if you look closely, an itty bitty addition to the family--coming soon! :) (Pardon me for the excitable auntie-ness!)

The boys were a wee bit bored!

Families are funny!