Thursday, December 31, 2009

Kelsey - Sneak Peek!!!

My photography hobby/fledgling business has been going through sooo many changes recently. New laptop (which I affectionately call "The Monster"), new editing external monitor, new editing program and tons more fun stuff. Which I have been overcome with these HUGE, monumental changes, there have been several seniors patiently--yet enthusiastically--waiting for their senior portraits. I keep saying "It'll be worth the wait!! Really!" I'm not sure if these girls quite believe me. :) Give 'em a break though... they just wanna see the their portraits!!

Meet Kelsey. My youth group girl. And family friend. I'm pretty sure I've known her since she was a wee tyke! :) And then she grew up...

Since I talk about almost everyone's eyes, let me tell you a story about this girl's eyes. Back in the day when my first blog was still anonymous, I gave all my friends/youth group kids/etc. funny little nicknames to protect their identity. I remember vividly being at a party and staring at the sunlight reflecting on Kelsey's eyes, thinking, "she has beautiful brown eyes!" Emphasis on the brown. So I nicknamed her, "The Brown-Eyed Girl." It was a short while, and this girl informed me that her eyes were NOT brown --but rather, green.
I just could. not. believe it!

She was then nicknamed, "The Hazel-Eyed Girl"... Even then, I was not convinced. Finally, Kelsey's doctor solved this mystery and declared her eyes green. Who can argue with a medical doctor? Me. Yeah, I argued a little bit. :) (Disclaimer: My eyes are green. And look nothing like Kelsey's eyes. I was confused with good reason!!)

It wasn't until the end of Kelsey's senior portrait shoot that I finally admitted... her eyes were green. Not a gray/green like mine... but a unique golden green!! I like 'em!

Enough about eyes though.... There are more photos to come. Here's the sneak peek!

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