Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Michael & Anna {Washington, DC Engagement Photography}

What a great opportunity... travelling down to Washington, DC area to meet with my first bride & groom and shoot their engagement portraits!
Location: Washington Navy Yard
When I heard that they wanted to go to the Navy Yard, I was super-excited. History? Waterfront? Cool architecture? Check, check, check. If only we would be able to have access for photos... We hoped... As it turns out, the only thing Mr. Front-Gate-Guard asked is that we do not take pictures of the original building which inspired a certain hit TV show.... my FAVORITE TV show (which shall remain unnamed). :) Hahaha. Poor me. I was so close! :)

But enough about me!! Let's talk about this AMAZING couple: Michael & Anna.
I LOVED meeting them and spending even a few hours with them. It is so obvious that they absolutely adore each other!! I want couples to feel comfortable when I'm taking their portraits, so I let them know that they can chat with one another and whenever I need them to look at me, I will say so... Michael & Anna were obviously having sooo much fun looking into each other's eyes and laughing and talking softly to each other, I almost felt bad interrupting!!

The Navy Chapel. LOVE that door!!

Their spontaneous dance... awwww.

Funny-ness. Yep, lots of funny-ness and giggling. Sometimes I giggled right along with them. Sometimes I just giggled at the cuteness of them giggling at each other.
Michael to Anna: "Act like you really LIKE me." :)

Down by the waterfront.

What's a Navy Yard without large weaponry? How romantic. ;)

The future is bright. :) Thank you, Michael & Anna!! I can't wait until the wedding! :)

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