Thursday, December 29, 2011

Glitter & Gold on a Wintry Day {PA Wedding Photographer}

Christmas cards. Everyone wants a pretty family photo for their Christmas cards. And I'm *totally* a fan of that! However, my November/December schedule was totally packed-and-crazy-busy full that I couldn't do any Christmas photo shoots..

And then my brother & sister-and-law asked. And y'all know how it goes.... ya just can't say no to family! (not that I would want to!) :) Actually, the only time I could squeeze them in was 7:00 am on a Saturday morning.. and they were game for it!! So we decided to be a little crazy. After alot of dancing around behind my camera to get the dog to look at me (dogs are worse than toddlers!), we had some more fun.

Themed portrait shoot, anyone?
Welcome to our version of "All that glitters isn't gold... but it's still pretty." :D

Glitter and gold.
Wintry sun. And the juxtaposition of shiny & rustic.
And a great couple who love each other.

I loved it.

Zeph & Kelsey rockin' the random bench in the woods look.

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