Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Blue Ribbon Day

In my region of the great U. S. of A., traditions are held dear. Particularly of the last-days-of-summer country fair tradition. In central Pennsylvania, Grange Fair is THE tradition (second only to Penn State football). Grange Fair began 135 years ago!! Its claim to fame is the longevity of this tradition... and the unique tented city fair residents. Tent spots are so highly coveted that they are passed down from generation to generation. As I am a Texas-transplant without multiple generations in the area, I only visit Grange during the day.

And why would I go to the fair?

Because everyone else does...

For the exhibits... that make me hungry..

For the games (which I am convinced, are rigged!) and fabulous prizes...

For the scary-looking rides...

For the unhealthy, but ridiculously yummy fair food!

For the country experience...

For the cute animals... (which one is Wilbur? I wonder)

The real reason I go! Just to look at the photography exhibits! Excitement of all excitement, this year I won a few contests!
1st Place for these photos: (they don't give real ribbons out. How depressing!)

3rd Place for this one:

The fair was good to me this year. VERY good. Here is one last look..

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