Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Formals are FUN, Part I

One of my roommates recently turned 23. We looooove birthdays. And we loooove parties. And good food. And dressing up. And pictures. Combine all of the above and you will get:

Heidi's amazing 23rd formal evening on the town...

It all began with formal portraits in the park. (what's the use of getting dressed up without portraits to remember it by?!?). Without further ado, here is the birthday girl!

The ladies! (all photos that include me were taken by Zeph, my little brother who insists that he really DOES know how to use a camera). :)

Kaitlin... perfect model face! :)

Jess... beautiful eyes!

Katie... again, love the eyes!

Me... we went for the urban landscape!

More group photos.

And my favorite photo of the birthday girl:

More photos to come...


  1. I really can't picture Brian and Jack getting into this. Where were they? Feeding the ducks?

  2. more like.. cracking jokes and giggling.. hahaha.. their pics are coming tomorrow (hopefully)!! :)

  3. I really want my pics done again! These ROCK!