Monday, October 26, 2009

Jeff & Robin... People!

If I haven't said this before.. I must give a big "THANK YOU" to Susan Miller for allowing me to second-shoot this wedding with her. Susan is a great photography encourager to me! :)

Back to the Special Day of Jeff & Robin:
I really did like the wedding party. They seemed to be a happy, smiley bunch. And laugh-ey, too. Which always makes great pictures!

If you know me at all.. you know that I love children! I think they are the funniest, cutest, most fascinating little creatures. :) (My term of affection for all kids---especially my nieces & nephew---is "small people," or in singular "small person"). As in, "hello there, small person!" Hey, it's funny to me!... Anyway, one of the greatest parts of this wedding day was catching some of the moments of these wedding small people. Their joys, frustrations and funnyness.

This little cutie was only watching the wedding, not participating.. but I loved his little blonde hair... and the fact that he played peekaboo with me as I tried to get his picture!

After the wedding, there was definitely symptoms of small-person relief.

Distracted by bubbles!

Distracted by water! :)

Distracted by...

... the bride & groom!

This was the junior bridesmaid. I've never seen someone so ridiculously excited about being in a wedding! She loved her dress, her flowers, her hair.. she pretty much loved everything about the wedding! She was a little nervous about messing up.. but nope, this bridesmaid rocked it!

And my favorite small-person image...

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  1. Great work! I love wedding photography--and this is gorgeous!