Thursday, November 5, 2009

More Cousins

You might recognize this family from their recent school pictures shoot... We decided to extend the fun & add a few other kids for a "Cousins" shoot. I learned -- getting 5 kids of varying ages to smile, look, and not blink at the same time? Very difficult! Hahaha.. but definitely FUN! We went to a park and a playground and had some good times together.. Check out the smiles!

I loved their non-matching, yet creatively coordinating outfits. :)

Little girl cousins!

The sisters who bring it all together. :)

Little Patrick & his mommy

Awwww... what a cutie!

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  1. Great photos! Once I had all the kids get on top of that purple monster and I laid on the ground underneath and took their picture. It turned out really neat! Just a suggestion for next time