Thursday, January 21, 2010

Abbie - Senior Pics!!

Let me introduce Abbie to you. She is the sweetest country girl you will ever meet. I have the pleasure of being her youth leader and friend, and let me just tell you, this girl is AMAZING. She loves Jesus. She loves the outdoors. And she loves photography. Yeah, we find alot to talk about. :) ... Which is a good thing, considering the loooong adventure that we had while doing her senior portraits.

I had many ideas of locations to capture Abbie's unique style, and many of them required a bit of driving. I was okay with that. And we were prepared. With a cell phone (and my dad & his directions only a phone call away) and the talking GPS navigating system.

Location #1 was simple. Easy to find. Easy to run around and happily shoot all the fun angles in this historical village...

I love doors!

And then.. a little rustic guitar look.

Abbie was so willing to "go the distance" for an innovative shot... she even climbed up on a roof!!! (I promise, I don't make everyone climb on roofs!) :) :)

Capturing her eyes!

Onward to Location #2!
We were driving along, on our way to a remote state park with a railroad tunnel. Listening to the GPS's annoying directions. Talking, laughing, and otherwise having a good time. Over a few mountains. On remote country roads, overlooking farmland and typical Pennsylvania countryside. We had just observed a very cool mansion... and then I lapsed into telling a lame story about some TV show where the GPS systems would lead people into remote areas and then they would be killed. At that precise moment---After 15 minutes of driving, we looked up and saw the very-cool mansion again! It was enough to freak us out a little bit!! Hahaha. So after a few calls to my parents for *real* directions, a stop for breakfast and the best French Toast ever, almost getting my car stuck on a bumpy forest trail, turning around three times and finally pulling the GPS navie system off of the windshield and ignoring it completely... we made it to Location #2. WOW. What an adventure!! :)

Along the way.. the misty mountains afforded these images.

Abbie loves the Bible. :)

Location #2!

Thank you for reading....

The end!

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