Monday, January 11, 2010

The Marine

Sometimes we forget... that far away, across the seas, there are still wars being fought to protect the freedom and safety of citizens of the United States of America. We live in comfort and domestic bliss, while public servants endure hardship as good soldiers... fighting, standing, holding ground, seeking information and doing many other things that I know not of. All to protect the life that I live here.

May we always love these soldiers. Who willfully abandon lives, dreams, goals, futures, time, memories and all that is precious to them... to protect all that is precious to us.

Somehow these things become more real to each of us... When we know that soldier. When we talk to him before he says goodbye. When we hold dear the friendships of his family. When we have grown up together, spent hours travelling and living and eating and loving together. When he is like our brother.

This is Matthew. The Marine. My friend and almost-brother.
He has recently moved into active duty. Soon to be sent to Afghanistan...

Come home safely, my friend.

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