Thursday, June 24, 2010

{Personal} Picnicky Summer Food

One of my FAVORITE aspects of summer is the delectable food that we enjoy... Over the last month, I have attended at least four rockin' picnic parties. And there's many more to come. But I thought I would share the simple joys of summer... so delicious. Drool away, my friends!

Watermelon. LOVE this stuff. So does Jake. Oh yes, meet Jake. He's my current favorite dog-friend. My sister's family dog. But I wish he was mine. :)

Campfire food is "DA BOMB!"

Latest picnic I attended, there were 'mountain pies' you could make with English muffins. Even yummy-er than regular mountain pies. And if you have no idea what I'm talking about, go buy a mountain pie maker and build a fire in your backyard.
The Recipe: 2 slices of bread (or an English muffin) + whatever fillings you like.
Sometimes I make grilled cheese, or pizza.. or go for something sweet instead of savory? Canned pie fillings. A friend even stuffed their mountain pie with s'more fixins during one past bonfire. LOL. I cannot vouch for *that* end result!

Speaking of s'mores. I (heart) them. Gooey toasted marshmallows and melted chocolate and crunchy graham crackers... there's no "after" picture because I ate it. :)

Lots of people in this locale are obsessed with these chips. Like, categorically snobbish about what kind of potato chips they will eat. Personally? I despise potato chips. Always have. These don't even tempt me... but if you like potato chips, get these...

I love the sweet stuff. Like this attempt to convert Lemon Bars into Key Lime Bars. Hey, I might have colored them with decorative sugar crystals because I couldn't find the food coloring... it was late. I was sleepy!

Strawberries. The gems of summer.

Strawberry Trifle. Gorgeous & Delicious!

Funny story: My sister was preparing this dessert for a picnic and her 4-year-old daughter tells her, "Mommy, we should put some mint leaves on it for garnish!" Can you tell that she watches the Food Network with her mommy? :)

I am hungry-er now than when I started blogging. I'm sure I will be dreaming of picnicky food all. night. long. :)

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