Wednesday, August 4, 2010

{Wedding} Casey & Diana

I can hardly believe that this wedding was over a month ago! It seems like an eternity. July was a crazy-crazy month for me.. but it's good to be be able to blog these! I was happy and excited to second-shoot this wedding for the lovely Kristen Leigh. :) I like that Kristen; she's so FUN! :D

Speaking of fun! Casey & Diana. are. fun!
And a very happy couple.

What a beautiful sunny day...

And off we go! This was the bridal party's "ride" over to the church.

I spent a little time photographing the groom & his men. The guys are always so relaxed and joking and happy. Especially Casey!

And they got serious brownie points from me.. because I was explaining this pose to them "Make a V".. and someone pipes up, "FLYING V!" :) Hahaha. Yes, it's always fun when someone else gets your subtle movie reference.

And I do like brick walls.

Moments before Diana's father walks her down the aisle...

Vows spoken in pale candlelight.

Gorgeous details from the reception!! :) Loooved their black-and-white with a wee bit of blue color scheme! So classy ;)

Casey & Diana.
And they danced...

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