Monday, December 13, 2010

The Miller Family {Lock Haven, PA Portrait Photography}

Things have been waaay too silent around the blog lately!... The whirlwind of Thanksgiving holiday, a week of tropical vacationing in Mexico, and then a week of recovering from vacation while practicing frantically for a piano recital, curling ribbons on 450+ candy canes, giving away the candy canes to grateful college students, catching up on laundry and generally entering into the madness that is December. All this and I haven't even purchased ONE Christmas present yet. (12 days till Christmas. UH-OH). :) :) :) Christmas will come anyway, and I will enjoy it.... and I will blog MUCH in the next few weeks!!!

On a VERY-COLD November Saturday, we did a family-portrait shoot with my sister's family. Wooohooo!

I love these people. And it's obvious that they love each other. After eight years of marriage, and welcoming three little blonde girls into the family, Chad & Nikki remain an example of Godly love and character for me!

Chad & Nikki... with their three little blessings! :)

9 Month Portraits with Baby Miller #3!! :)

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