Saturday, July 2, 2011

Matthew & Jamie {Bellefonte, PA Wedding Photography}

The church was prepared. Everything was looking quite lovely. People hurrying up and down the stairs. Helping each other with hair and dresses and coats and cufflinks. Hustle & bustle. With an underlying theme of JOY.
Because Matthew & Jamie were getting married!

Upstairs in the pastor's office, the groom + his groomsmen + the father-of-the-groom + the father-of-the-bride readied themselves...

Downstairs in vibrant church nursey rooms, the bride was calm-happy-excited-laughing...

The bride's mother helps her with some last-minute makeup touches...

I simply must rave about the GORGEOUS flowers. By Emily of Pocketful of Posies!!

The time is getting closer...

Almost time!

The music plays...

The most adorable sisters provided some special music for the ceremony!

Speaking their vows.

Moments of laughter.

Moments of seriousness.

Presenting: Mr. & Mrs. Matthew Miller!

They're so excited!

It was fun to be working side-by-side with my friend, Dawn! And also, our official 3rd-shooter, was Brandon --- my very handsome fiance. :D
After the ceremony, the bridal party crammed into this vehicular monstrosity.

...and headed to Bellefonte's Tallyrand Park for photos!

Some shots of the groom + his groomsmen. I had such fun with these guys!

While I was getting this shot..

Brandon's perspective:

Being all GQ.

The bride!

I entitled this photo "spot the creeper!" The groom needed to be in the photo, too!

The bridesmaids got even though. ;)

Matthew + Jamie

The park is situated by an old train station.

While I captured this...

Brandon captured this:

They're still happy + laughing!

Onward to celebrate!

Loved all the cute photos of Matthew + Jamie on their seating chart. :)

And customized watermelons!

When the bridal party + groomsmen look like this, you know they're FUN.

Here come the Bride & Groom!

Probably the best best-man speech I've ever heard.

And that?

That's the bride doubled over in laughter.
They approved!

Their lovely first dance.
"I Do" by Dashboard Confessional

What a beautiful day. What a beautiful night.

Even the sunset was beautiful.
Congratulations, Matthew & Jamie!

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