Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Clint & Marsha {Belleville, PA Wedding Photography}

We met Clint & Marsha for the first time on a breezy summer evening, and spent a lovely hour chatting on the porch. Revelling at the similarities between their wedding and our ceremony that was at that time, just one short month away! From the lovely and beautiful string music of the Corinthian Wedding Duo to the sweet-tart key lime cupcakes, we smiled. And we walked away feeling as if we had made new friends.

So all the more, on July 23rd, 2011, we rejoiced in their marriage. Gathered at their church, amidst many friends and family, Clint and Marsha were overjoyed on that day. Marsha was the most organized bride I had ever seen, yet she was a beaming bride at the same time. Even though she was tying rings on the ringbearer's pillow and handing out lists and managing last minute details at the same time, she managed to do it flawlessly, calmly and happily. And then there was Clint. Ever-present smile. Quiet excitement.

Some things didn't go as planned... the weather was blazing hot. The doves that were to be released, didn't want freedom very much (scroll down to enjoy that moment ;). But what was overwhelmingly obvious on Clint and Marsha's wedding day was their love for Christ and their love for one another. Congratulations, Clint & Marsha! We were so happy to be a part of your day!!

Unexpected touches of love as we walked the halls of the church :)

What ringbearers *really* do before a wedding...

seriously cute little people. :D

Clint & Marsha also win a prize from us (not really) for having the most. unique. wedding favors EVER.
Check it out: Mini S'more Kits.

I'm still smiling about their wedding day.
Congratulations again!

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