Tuesday, November 10, 2009

(Better) School Pictures!

Again, I'm taking "school" pictures... let me introduce you to three very zany, goofy and downright hilarious kids! These three siblings are in my youth group, and honestly, they crack me up every week... errr, rather, every time I see their crazy faces. I just can't help but laugh at the hilariousness!

Meet Bubby. I call him, "The Witty Kid." Because this one has quick-tongued humor!

Meet Evan. His humor is of the random, weird, I-think-he-ate-too-much-sugar variety!

And this is Tiffany. She's not as CRAZY as her brothers. But she's a sweetheart. :) She just makes me smile!

All together!

And this is me saying to Evan, "I can tell when your eyes are crossed!" :)

And me saying to Evan, "Why are you laying on the ground?" :)

Seeee.. I told you these kids were funny!! :)

Last one...
Black&White + Happy People + Warm Evening Light = Beautiful!

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