Wednesday, November 11, 2009


I miss summertime! As much as I looooooove Christmas (notice that I did not say "winter!"), summer is still my favorite. The green grass, warm breezes, picnics, lazy summer evenings, pretty late evening sunsets---I love it all. And I'm starting to get a little sad just thinking about it.... Hahaha, oh well, I have another 2 months of 'Christmas season' to enjoy and then 3ish months of cold Pennsylvania winter. So in the meantime, I will remember the glory days of summer!

I was checking all the photos that I have 'in line' for editing and posting.. and had totally forgotten about these little beauties! A few months ago, I was at my sister's on a late summer evening. And we decided to put the nieces in their little matching adorable outfits. And photo shoot! Enjoy!



They saw Daddy mowing the lawn.. that was really exciting! lol

With Lucy - the family dog.

I'm not sure why I love this pic so much.. but I do! Silly, adorable, lovable nieces!

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  1. I just love your photography! You capture the little girls' personalities so well, they are adorable in their matching outfits! My favorite is definitely the one of the girls with their dog friend =) I'm such an animal lover haha! Gorgeous stuff, keep up the good work!