Thursday, January 28, 2010

Baby A.'s Portraits

Welcome again to more of baby A. This was my very first baby shoot, with creative poses and props and the like... and I did like it. Very much! A. was a little angel, and alternately slept and opened her eyes when we needed her to!

Loved this cute basket...

She didn't always like it though! (I still think A. is darling when her face is all angryish!)

Some baby faces?

Sweet lil' gift from heaven..

Times with a beary friend! Aha :)


  1. ohhh that last one is CUTe!
    Does she have RED Hair!!???!!

  2. lol nooo it's like darkish? I don't really know what color.. :)

  3. Oh goodness, I just love babies in baskets! And the gift bag idea? PERFECT!

    I actually have blogged about our love story, but it's on an old blog. I plan on re-posting it soon!!!