Sunday, January 24, 2010

Mirror Images

One downside to being a photographer... is that you're always the one taking pictures... and never the one with pictures being taken of me! My solution to that problem --- I find mirrors and randomly take photos of myself. :) Sure, it's a little over-the-edge and quirky... but it's fun. And now you can see the variety of situations!

In January 2009, I took my youth group to the Baltimore Aquarium and there were some very, very cool escalators with mirrors!

Trying on funny hats at an antique store..

Riding a carousel in North Carolina with the nephew & nieces..

Capturing a bride during my first experience 2nd-shooting a wedding!

Youth group road trip enroute to Texas... sweet summertime clouds.

Winter photo shoot with my roommate. :) MMMMM, snowflakes!

And yesterday...

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  1. Too cute, you are gorgeous! Mirrors are my picture taking friend, too!