Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Baby Serenity - Portraits

I have been doubly blessed in the last month with new nieces! Baby Serenity was born in southern Maryland in early January, so it took me a little more time to make the trek down south to meet her... but I made it worth my while. Pretty sure this auntie held baby Serenity for about 6 hours total! :) My new favorite hobby is holding babies! Well, second only to taking portraits of babies!!

Serenity is a little dollface, with huge blue eyes and perfect little fingers & toes that I loved to stare at.

Who says babies don't smile?

Capturing baby Serenity with her big brother...

baby + daddy = LOVE

baby + mommy = LOVE

My faaaaavorite picture of the day.. so sweet mommy love!

(c) These photos are the property of Naomi Elle. They may not be copied, altered or reprinted without written permission of myself. Stealing makes me sad.

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  1. What an absolutely precious photo shoot! I can't wait for a new bebe to take pictures of!