Tuesday, March 16, 2010


Not to overemphasize my pathetic lack of blogging in the last month or so, I'd like to announce that.. YES. I AM BACK. Winter is such a dreary photography time. Maybe because I love sunlight. And I love warm weather. And there's just something about the dreary grey/blue light of winter that makes my camera cringe. But no worries! Today, I sunned myself on a patio like a happy kitty... and I felt my soul revive. With a camera in one hand and a journal in the other... I came to life again. :) Look for more photography news... and.... as always, every blog entry is better with a photo!

This one makes me laugh! Look away and then look again.

Yup, I'm still laughing! Sometimes babies don't like picture-taking time. No worries to all the mommies out there, this negative moment was very brief. Nice pictures of these two little girl nieces o' mine are coming sooon... Stay tuned! :)


  1. Thank God you're back! I seriously had a moment every time I checked Google Reader and there was 0 next to your name. . . ;D

  2. LOL! I just finished a blog entry with all the photographs of ice I took this winter!