Monday, April 5, 2010

I Want To Take Your Picture!

I love to capture PEOPLE.
I love the light sparkling in their eyes.
I love when I catch them in mid-laugh.
I love moments of pensive thought.
I love secret smiles that only reveal themselves around the corner of their mouth.
I love to capture moments of beauty... revealed in the faces of people!

I love the adorable innocence of babies.
I love the precocious smiles of children.
I love the cool factor of teenagers.
I love the creative individuality of senior portraits.
I love the dynamics of family portraits.
I love the unique style of adults.
I love the sweet romance of couples.
... Okay, the truth is...I just love taking pictures!

And I want to take YOUR picture!!
Introducing the new, improved website...

So maybe you're wondering...
WHO is Naomi Elle? About Me
WHAT do these portraits look like? My Portfolio
HOW much does a portrait session cost? Pricing

The WHERE and WHEN questions can be answered by you!!
Book now for Spring & Summer Portrait sessions!! If you're curious, or full of questions, or just want more information.. Email me!

Or go check out the website..

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