Monday, March 29, 2010

Window to the Soul

I confess, I am utterly fascinated by eyes. Completely intrigued by their uniqueness. It has been said that "eyes are the window to the soul," and while I still wonder at the full meaning of that wise saying, I wholeheartedly agree with its premise. Someone's eyes reveal just the tip of the iceberg. A piece of their story.. their emotions and feelings, their past and present, their trials and hope, their dreams and their deepest secrets.

I love the uniquness. I remember meeting this girl for the first time. And I was instantly fascinated the brilliance of her blue eyes (No freaky contact lenses. Those are the gorgeous eys that God gave her!).

And this girl? She has gold flecks! In her eyes! Ah-maz-ing..

And this one? This is my younger brother all dressed up in winter camo. I tell him (because I'm his sis and I can say things like this!) that his eyes are like melted chocolate. :) I looove chocolate.. ahahaha.

I love the sparkle of light dancing in someone's eyes.

I confess that I'm a stare-er. I stare at people's eyes.
So I appreciate when I can put a camera to my face.. and put some distance between myself and the object of my staring. Makes things not-quite-so-awkward. Because us Americans? We like our personal space! :) :) :) As a forewarning, if you find me in intense thought, staring in your general direction, don't be alarmed! Be flattered - I'm probably fascinated by your eyes. And I want to capture them with my camera!

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