Tuesday, March 23, 2010

More Babies

Every age group is different when it comes to capturing an image. Toddlers have the attention span of a puppy (ya know "SQUIRREL!".. please watch the Disney movie UP to understand that!). Teenagers need alot of encouragement, but once they get confident.. watch out! Because they have discovered modelling as a new career. And then there's babies. Make sure they are full of food, with a fresh diaper and about an 18 hour nap behind them... and portrait sessions are a breeze!

Hahaha! Like all those factors will ever happen AT THE SAME TIME. So ya know what? It's all good! We go with the flow here..

This session was originally to capture my two baby nieces together during a rare family get-together. Of course, we were so busy eating, talking, laughing and catching up with the WHOLE family that we didn't think about portraits until laaaate. And by then, the babies weren't exactly happy.

The poor darlings! While the togetherness didn't work out, here are some consolation images...

She looks mischievious..

Even baby mugshots can be cute!

Doesn't she look like she's praying?

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