Thursday, April 15, 2010

Personal: Forty-Six Hours

Have you ever spent FORTY-SIX hours with teenagers? In a tiny mountain cabin? With no cell service, email or indoor plumbing? I have! Last weekend, actually! :) I'm a volunteer youth leader at my church.. my job entails planning events for the whole youth group, like our annual Spring Retreat!

Forty-six hours. What could we possibly do for Forty-Six hours? LAUGH alot. Lounge around on couches. Make crazy jokes about Sour Patch "kids." Roast marshmallows. Talk about Jesus. Eat ALOT. Sing pretty songs around the campfire. Talk about bears and wild-life. Investigate the nearby wire bridge. Read the Bible. Paint fingernails (girls!). Giggle late into the night. Discuss constellations. Wake up too early and drink coffee. Swing. Throw footballs. Attempt to chop firewood. Laugh at others' attempt to chop firewood. Toss previously mentioned firewood while stacking. Wash hair in the creek (girls again!). Play games. More times of singing & preaching. And more EATING! Lots of sugar. hahaha :)

It's always been a joke in the youth group that every time we go away to the cabin (or on a retreat), it rains. Like clockwork, the rain comes down and we spend most of the time trying to keep warm and dry. This year was a little different... We arrived on Friday night and it was SNOWING. I kid you not! WOW. Just wow.

One last walk down the lane... and the Forty-Six Hours comes to an end.

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