Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Local Life - Cafe on the Park

I've decided to do a semi-regular feature on the blog about interesting places & things around my locale. Travelling is fun, but I think that central Pennsylvania is a fascinating place. Within the span of a few minutes' drive, it's rural, small-town, historical, quaint, eclectic and so many other funny words. Experiencing local places (especially when there's food involved) is quickly becoming one of my favorite pastimes. So without any more delay... the very first feature of..

LOCAL LIFE *insert theme music here*

Every weekday morning, I drive by this tiny little cafe in downtown Bellefonte. Within that 10 minute window of time when I leave for work, this little cafe will either be completely dark or a few lights shining or starting to hum with activity. It's a day-cafe: serving breakfast and lunch and all snacks in between. For months after moving to Bellefonte, I never visited. Oh, I wanted to visit! My roommates and I talked about visiting, going for lunch or ice cream... but it never happened (with photos).. for the simple reason, it was always closed by the time I got home from work! Eventually, I had one quick Sunday lunch there (the pierogies & salad is very nice)...

And then FINALLY, on a warm Saturday in April...
me + Cafe on the Park = spent some quality time together.

That day, I met some friends at Talleyrand Park, located just across the street from Cafe on the Park. I know, the cafe's name kinda gives it away... Anyway, the park was buzzing with activity.. Little kids tripping over their feet to chase ducks and swing on the playground, a multitude of volunteers "hiding" brightly colored Easter eggs in plain sight, scary costumed and video-camera toting college students filming for a project (yes, I asked), families out for a walk in the park, babies sunning themselves quietly in their strollers, tourists obviously overdressed for the weather. There was warm sunlight + my camera + good conversation with friends...

Which all made me thirsty for a good chocolate milkshake. Hence, my visit to Cafe on the Park! It looked like everyone else had that idea, too... so service was a little slow.. it's a Saturday! People are supposed to slow down & relax anyway! :)

This place has interesting, unique decor.

A soda fountain bar of shiny polished wood.. Kids LOVE to climb up on those stools and watch the action.

Funny note! Obviously, they still had food when I got there....

My conclusion? Cafe on the Park is like that chocolate milkshake I experienced on a warm April Saturday. It may look unassuming.. but it tastes GREAT!
For more information, go to their website: Click here!

Go! Eat! Smile! :)

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