Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Local Life - Honey Creek Inn

I've always been a pancake girl. I like pancakes many different ways. I like steaming hot plain pancakes with melted butter and real maple syrup. I like pancakes topped with sweet summery fruit and whipped cream. I like my mom's classic chocolate chip pancakes (because if flour & syrup wasn't sweet enough, let's add some chocolate!! haha).

French Toast? Not-so-much. Don't get me wrong, I always thought it was okay... but if given a choice? I'd choose pancakes any day of the week...

And then one day many years ago, my dad came home and said, "I just had the BEST French Toast in the World!" My dad doesn't usually get into hyperbole or exaggeration, but I admit - I was still skeptical...

It only took one single visit for me to be entirely convinced. It IS the best French Toast in the world! Slight sweet, with flavor reminiscent of funnel cakes. I LOOOOOOOOVE it!

This tiny nondescript restaurant is tucked just off the highway in Reedsville, PA. It's quite obviously Amish country. (No souls were stolen in the making of this picture).

The inside of the Honey Creek Inn is fitting. Honey-colored wooden booths. Old country quilts and Amish artwork. Tables for two & tables for eight. Bring a friend or the whole family..

My suggestion??
Order the French Toast. While waiting patiently for your plate of deliciousness, amuse yourself by reading and rereading the story of Honey Creek... and therefore, the Honey Creek Inn. And laugh at the funny theme of a maple-syrup-filled bear.

Yummm.... Good home cookin'!!

And the waitresses are friendly, too!! :)

Next time you find yourself gallivanting across the Pennsylvania countryside, find this little gem of a restaurant and I beg you, eat the French Toast!! Deeelicious.

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