Saturday, May 1, 2010

Portraits: Mercy & Grace

I like twins. Maybe because I always felt like a twin. My sis and I (though two years apart in age) act like twins/clones/different personalities-same thoughts kind of people. We dressed alike as children, just to confuse people. To this day, we can communicate through raising our eyebrows and smirking. We have talked through just about every single issue on the planet and agree about 99.9999% of it. We nicknamed each other "Tia" & "Tamara" after a famous set of twins (fyi --- I'm the goofy one!).Like the little plaque that used to hang on our shared childhood bedroom's wall stated: "God made us sisters; Love made us friends." Or closest of close friends. When I can't talk to my sis, I feel like my right arm has been ripped off... sooooo, yeah, I feel like a twin... and now, I like photographing twins!!

This is Mercy & Grace. Seven-years-old. Golden-haired, blue-eyed little girls. They like each other lots! They like to smile and laugh and be goofy. Oh, they're different.. different personalities, unique smiles... but the best of little-girl-friends. I love it!

We went to Legion Park in Hollidaysburg, PA. And I liked this funny tunnel called "The Rabbit Hole" or something equally ridiculous. :) Reminded me of Peter Cottontail.... :)

Best buddies!

I can't help it... when they laugh, I laugh, too!

There was a gorgeous pink-blossomed tree... the ground was littered with pink "snowflakes." The girls looked like little pink flowers blooming amidst the tree.. don't you think?

... and when we said, "Do you wanna play in the castle (playground)?" They were gone quicker than a wink! I don't blame them... That playground was the best one I've ever seen!!!

And one shot of all of the little ones. :) ADORABLE!


  1. Oh my goodness, have you ever seen two cuter little girls?! You did a great job, Naomi!

  2. These are some great photos! I love how you caught there unique personalities. Thanks for sharing!

    PS - 10 years. :)