Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Local Life - PSU Creamery

My family loooooves ice cream. Actually, I think we just love all things dairy. I attribute this to the fact that my dad grew up on a dairy farm. He was one of 10 kids, doing chores, milking cows and drinking raw milk by the pitcher. Dad passed on that love for milk, cheese, and ice cream to my siblings and I. And my mom, too.

A story to illustrate this point?
On Mother's Day 2010, I was driving my mom home to make her a nice, lovely Sunday dinner. Because I know what she loves (ice cream!), I say, "Mom, do you want me to stop at McDonald's? I'll buy you a hot fudge sundae!" It's the unconventional idea of pre-dinner dessert that I figured would get her.... But she says, "Noooo, that's okay. I don't want to." I am aghast!! A family member turning down ice cream? Unthinkable!

So in about 3 minutes, we are coming up to a local spot for good food and *lightbulb goes on* Hershey's ice cream! So I ask again , "Mom, how 'bout I buy you an ice cream cone?" And I looked over to see a smile playing on the edges of her mouth... She definitely wanted that ice cream!

I said, "Mom, you're an ice cream snob!" She laughs knowingly, and says, "I know what I like!"

And just to calm your nerves, I eventually amended the wording and now refer to my lovely mother as "the ice cream connoisseur!" It's a family thing, you see. She fully approves of this local spot on Penn State campus (she works only minutes away from this building, and I'm pretty sure, there are some sneaky lunch-time ice cream cones).

If you're unaware of the history of Penn State, let me just tell you - the Pennsylvania State University had its roots as an agricultural college. Theoretically, that means PSU does farming well. Including dairy. And consequently, ICE CREAM. The Creamery is the largest university creamery in the United States. Yay for a claim to fame that doesn't include football! LOL.. Though you don't have to look very far to see the mark of Penn State pride!

Soooo much Blue & White.

The main attraction? ICE CREAM.
This ice cream is worth the likelihood of a long (though fast-moving) line.
It is inexpensive. Pure. Flavorful. Delicious.

There are a variety of flavors - including campus favorites like "Peachy Paterno" (JoePa loyalty is everywhere) and "Keeney Beany." My personal favorite order is a dish of Death by Chocolate. Partially because it's the chocolatiest flavor and partially because I laugh every time the overworked ice-cream-workers yell "DISH OF DEATH!" Morbid humor, I know. My apologies. :)

If you want, you can buy more Creamery ice cream for the drive home.. if you're me, you can buy a bottle of milk so the scrumptious ice cream doesn't make you too thirsty.

Penn State Creamery is the Can't-Miss-Ice-Cream-Spot of State College, PA. It's one of the best places to satisfy your sweet tooth on a warm summer evening... Local Life, at its sweetest & best. :)

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