Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Wedding: Colin & Amanda

Social-networking (a.k.a. facebook) is very helpful in many ways. Because of facebook, I was able to second-shoot with one of my FAVORITE wedding photographers, Kristen Leigh. She's a super-fun, happy, photography-and-wedding-LOVING girl from Gaithersburg, MD. We'd never met face-to-face before, but became fast friends chatting about all sorts of important stuff for hours. :) Which *almost* made my wedding jitters go away. Excitement-nervousness-joy all scrambled up inside me, with a huge smile cemented on my face and a giggle spilling out... Because I love weddings. Yes, I do. I love weddings, how 'bout you?!?! :) :D

Meet Colin & Amanda.
If I could define them in one phrase, it would be a literal interpretation of "The Happy Couple." They were Happy. Silly. Funny. Laughing. Chill. Relaxed. Fun.

Let's start at the beginning.. A very good place to start!

When the bride is happy, everyone's happy!

I went over to see how the groom + groomsmen were faring in their preparations. Which included mostly standing around, joking, opening groomsmen gifts, laughing and being casually not-nervous men. Even expressing their admiration of the engagement pictures "Oh yeah, man, I saw them! They were great!"
Colin = Happy Groom.

Onward to the wedding location: a gloriously wonderful bay in Maryland. There were boats, there was a dock, there was a beach, there was WATER (I LOVE WATER!). I was seriously lovin' this location.

It's almost wedding time... These guys know how to keep it COOL!

Without further waiting, it's time for the main event = the ceremony! Colin waits for his bride..
and then he sees her..
and joy breaks through!

Can you say, "Happy to be Married?!?!"

And now.. my favorite-of-favorite parts... the Bride & Groom!

The whole wedding party!

Such pretty, lively details at the almost-summer wedding...

This was such a beautiful wedding. I have so many more images, but restraint is a good thing, right? :)

Colin & Amanda were absolutely a joy! I looved sharing in this happy, happy day! Thank you both!! (and thank you, Kristen Leigh, for the wonderful second-shooting opportunity!)

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