Monday, May 24, 2010

Senior Portraits: Stephanie

One of my dear friends, Stephanie, graduated from college just a short time ago. I road-tripped down to northern Virginia for some graduation festivities and while I was there, we did a senior portrait shoot on the campus of George Mason University! Stephanie is a beautiful person inside and out.. and I am privileged to know her! I had a blast capturing the loveliness of her face and her sparkling happy eyes..

And she laughs. I adore catching people laughing! :)

This shot totally reminds me of Jackie O.!

After weeks of cool weather, it was 90 degrees as we did this photo shoot!! I definitely contemplated jumping into these misty cool fountains!

Apparently, George Mason was a real person! There's a statue of him on campus... Penn State may have a "lion shrine" but George Mason has a "man shrine." Better? Maybe so!

She makes studying look good!

Steph's husband, Josh, was with us, too.. so we had a little fun with both of them!! :) "Hey Steph, don't turn around! Someone's watching you.."

Photographer's choice! I like to save my favorites for last..

Love, love, LOVE her eyes!!

Thank you, Steph, for allowing me to follow you around with a camera, laughing at my silly jokes and being such a good sport by trekking around campus in heels!!! You are a precious jewel and I treasure your friendship!


  1. Beautiful work !!! She is a precious sister in the Lord......and so are you !!!!