Saturday, May 8, 2010

Senior Portraits: Elizabeth (The Real Deal!)

I have decided that senior portaits are *almost* my favorite thing to do! Graduates are such an fascinating group... standing on the edge of their future.. finding themselves.. their passions, style and place in this world. Going out to make a difference. So I really like to capture the "quirky-ness" of every individual. (In my mind, "quirky-ness" is a good thing!) I like props, interesting clothes clothes, anything unique... That's why I was so excited to do these senior portraits for Elizabeth. She IS quirky!

We were shooting at the new Penn State Botanical Gardens... :D Beautiful. And very busy. And with the strangest self-locking restroom doors! Someone left their clothes, keys, and cell phone in the restroom. And so we waited patiently. A.k.a. a VERY LONG 40 minutes for the nice policeman to unlock the door. :) I was happy though - the pretty evening light got better as we waited!

Elizabeth likes to read. Can you tell??

Sometimes shoes deserve their own photo shoot.

Laughing! It's my favorite!

Finally, that beautiful evening light..

Thank you, Liz.. for a FUN and EVENTFUL senior shoot!

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