Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Senior Portraits: Kelsey + Dog

In the autumn of last year, I was able to shoot Kelsey's senior portraits. We had a blast in different locations and with different outfits! However, Kelsey had made one request that remained unfulfilled. She wanted some photos with her dog. On the day of the photo-shoot, her dog went on a little field trip with the family and we were left dog-less. :( No worries though!! We scheduled a time for a duet Kelsey & Cowboy shoot.

Let's meet Cowboy the Dog!

Cowboy is a craaaaazy energetic black lab puppy! He looks like an adult dog, but to me, he's an overgrown puppy. :) Just to prove his crazyness, only minutes after we were finished and I left the park --- Cowboy jumped up and smacked his owner in the face, sending her to the emergency room with a mild concussion!
(I'm trying not to think that he was just SO excited to be done with pictures that he leaped into the air for joy...) LOL

This one makes me laaaaugh!!!

My theory? Dogs are like toddlers --- with FUR. They are easily distracted, can be bribed with snacks and as much as you talk in a sweet, high-pitched voice and ask them to "Look at Miss Naomi! Look!" the wildlife is ALWAYS more interesting!

And for some reason, Cowboy became very serious..

Thank you, Cowboy, for not giving ME a concussion! :D

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