Tuesday, June 22, 2010

{Business} Wedding Sample Album + New Pricing!!

I hurried home today because I *knew* that something would be waiting on my front porch for me. I love mail. I adore mail. I miss my childhood days when I had a penpal. Email just isn't the same! (can I get a witness, anybody?)

Anyway, I knew there was gonna be a nice, flat cardboard box waiting on that porch. It would be sitting there smugly... the results of so-much-work and late-nights and representing the beginning of my transformation into a more diverse photographer.

Without further ado, meet my wedding sample album!!

The smooth, black cover.. The gold lettering.. Opened to reveal glossy white pages with images of the happiest days of loving brides&grooms.

*These photos are my own images, but I am indebted to the kindness of two wonderful wedding photographers, Susan Miller and Kristen Leigh. They both welcomed my new-photographer ways as I second-shot these weddings with them. I learned sooo much and am grateful for the opportunities to work alongside two talented people. :)

If you're interested in learning more about my wedding photography,
please email me!

On another note, there's more changes at Naomi Elle Photography! I've been thinking alot about making my pricing structure more simple. Because complicated things annoy me! :) Don't they annoy everyone?

The question I've heard most often in my short-business-life-span has been "can I get my images on a disc?" Nothing wrong with that question! As a client of myself (if that was possible), I would ask the same thing! The funny thing is- most photography studios make their money not on session fees, but on additional print orders. So if I just hand everyone a disc, how would my business survive?

Then again, clients want images. To *print* at their convenience. To *share* at their convience. To make life simpler. And less complicated.
I can totally understand that. So I changed the pricing!!

Now you pay one fee. And get a disc of your finished high-resolution images. No muss, no fuss. :):):) Check it out here!

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