Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Travel: Lucketts Store Antiques

Just beyond the funny little store with polka-dotted shutters, you will find Lucketts Store Antiques. I've been here twice thus far. On both visits, I had places to go and people to see and Lucketts Store Antiques left me wanting more!

Before even entering the building, fascinating objects abounded!

Fascinating? Yes. But not quite my style! There are a few particular things that catch my eyes. As I scrolled through the photos from my visit to Lucketts Store, I began to notice a trend... of things that I LOVE.


My love for old books is well-known among friends and family. The collection steadily increases. On Memorial Day, I went to hang out with the family, found a book sale, disappeared for less than 5 minutes, and when I rejoined the family---they were taking bets on how many books I would buy! :) (for the record, I only bought TWO). :)
Mmmmm... yes, I even love the smell of old books. *sigh*


It may be the fact that I own a tiny little cottage, and mirrors reflect light --- making the rooms appear larger. Or maybe the fanciful frames remind me of another era. One that I should've been born in. :) Any way, I just like 'em.


It makes sense. Photographer = Photos.



Honestly, I wanted to buy each one of these chairs. Yes, even that bright, happy red chair! No idea what I would do with it (Red is not in my decorating color scheme!), but doesn't it make you smile? :)

And other random pretty-ness that interests me.

Even the stairways were intriguing.

If you visit Lucketts Store Antiques, I'm sure these ladies would welcome you quite gracefully. :)

What an incredibly diverse place. Next time I visit, it will be a relaxed pace. And I will buy something besides a book. :) Because "third time's a charm," right?

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