Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Senior Portraits: Abbie... Again! :)

I have already spent some time taking Abbie's senior portraits. You can see them here and here. However, Abbie didn't get very dressed up. The casual look works for her---so it was all good... but last week, Abbie and I found ourselves waiting patiently at a local park for the rest of our group to arrive. We were about to take group formal portraits.

As we waited, chatted and wandered around the park... I complimented Abbie's dress, and she thanked me sweetly and excitedly talked about graduation. She also mentioned that she wished she would've taken a few senior portraits in a dress. I said, "Let's do a senior session now!"

This is what happens.. while we are waiting. :)

It's always a joy to hang out with Abbie! Especially for an impromptu senior session! :)

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