Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Baby Portraits: It's Rachel!

When I hold babies, I talk to them. In a funny baby whispers. Sweet little nothings. We have regular one-sided conversations! I mutter about "how adooooorable you are!" and "I love your pretty eyes.. and your tiny little fingers".. and the best line: "you're my favorite!!!"... no matter who it is. Whatever baby I'm holding is my favorite!

Baby Rachel is no exception.. from her absolutely perfect little curling eyelashes, and cupid's bow mouth, and the depths of her dark blackish-brown eyes.. she's a cutie!

Rachel is a mellow baby. She likes to just chill. And look at her feet.

And look quizzical. :)

Daddy time!

Every baby has a silly side. :)

And my favorites... first, a little artistic fun!

Darling Rachel, please stay this adorable for your whole life!

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