Thursday, June 10, 2010

Personal: Summer Hat

Summer is my absolute favorite season. I love the moment when I step outside and there's something in the air.. something about the weather.. the scent of freshly mowed grass and grilling meat and flowers... something about the breeze the blows across my face.

As much as I like summer HEAT, I'm not a big fan of summer SUN. I used to be the crazy girl working outside in the blazing sunshine for hours and hours at a time, without sunburn.. turning into a very yummy nut-brown shade. And then I grew up, spent the majority of my time in an office, shaded by a ceiling, only staring out a window at the burning sunlight. I turned a pale shade of white. And on the rare occasions that I go outside, I've discovered the joys of sunscreen. Because I like my skin. And I want it to stay happy and healthy for awhile. SPF 70??? YOU BETCHA!

Sunscreen is JUST not enough! I don't like squinting in the sun, because it makes my face hurt. LOL. So I decided, I needed a big 'ol floppy hat. So I can be IN the sun and not injured by its crazy rays!

The problem? Me and hats have never really gotten along well. I like hats. I buy hats. But (aside from the rare winter hat exception), I can never bring myself to actually WEAR the hats. It's sad, I know.

To make a long story longer... :) :) :) I spent last Saturday morning at a flea market. Pretty sure I tried on about 10 hats. Every little booth, I looked for jewelry, books or hats. And every time I found hats, I would look in the mirror and wrinkle my nose. And then I'd look over at my mom and she would wrinkle her nose. (never a good sign)... I kept pressing on. And finally, two rows from the end of the looong flea market, we stumbled on a table. With one style of hat in many colors. I smacked a hat onto my head, not expecting much. But my mom smiled!! There wasn't even a mirror available, so I walked over to a nearby truck to look at my reflection in its window!! (this is me muttering to no one in particular "I'm not stealing the hat; I'm just looking in the mirror!"). It cost me $2. Which was less than the fresh-squeezed lemonade I was drinking at the time. Flea markets rock!

This hat has gone strawberry picking with me.. And garage-saling.. and picnicking.. and dozing in the grass with little nieces tucked by my side. I push the hat off my head to take pictures, and then push it back onto my head when someone wants to take pictures of me. Because I like my summer hat. And I think it likes me. :)

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  1. Cute hat!

    And yes, I totally know what you mean about the change in skin - we spend our childhood brown and happy and then all of sudden you grow up and have to get a job and stay inside and next thing you know, you're pale and where did that come from?

    Sorry for the run-on sentence, and good luck remembering to wear your hat :-D