Wednesday, July 14, 2010

{Children} Three Blonde Boys

Boys will be boys.
Or so people say...
Boys are very, very different than girls. They're rough-and-tumble. They like dirt and bugs and soldiers. They don't like sitting still, when there are adventures to be had!! Or having pictures taken when they could be swinging a bat and watching their grandpa fetch the ball. :) But sometimes... boys will pretend to sleep for a minute... and yet still look mischievous!

Meet Judah, Isaac & Eli. Three blonde brothers.
Though I'm not * personally* related to them, these little boys are cousins to three little blonde girls that I like very much. :)

(Oh yes, don't you like their patriotic-themed shirts?? We did this portrait shoot at a picnic celebrating Independence Day. So cute!)

Oldest and *obviously* the most mature boy.. because he'd recently lost some teeth and was quite intrigued by the fact that he could put his tongue through the empty tooth space. LOL


Middle child and I think he is such a doll!!

The newest edition. Poor baby was a little sleepy during pictures, so we got happy whenever he opened his eyes!! It's the little things, folks... :)

Like most babies, Eli likes his mommy more than anything else!

Boys being goofy boys. :)

Only Isaac & Judah.

Three pairs of eyes open... Three blonde heads lookin' boyishly handsome!

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