Tuesday, July 13, 2010

{Engagement Portraits} Zeph & Kelsey

You might remember these two from this sweet proposal story. Zeph is my younger brother and I love him dearly... I can't believe he's getting married! I remember when (lol. so cliche, I know!) he was a little tyke, throwing sand out of the sandbox and running around playing cowboys and Indians, setting "traps" and building things with ropes, shooting his first buck... Then, Zeph grew older and became one of my best friends, my road-trip buddy, my best-and-most-motivating workout buddy, my business consultant and that person that I can always count on to laugh at my jokes!! It's a family sense of humor, we get it. :)

I'm a big sis.. and I wouldn't wanna share my brother with just * anybody*.. Kelsey is perfect. She loves him, adores him, laughs at his jokes (humor is really important to us, can you tell?) and just truly cares for him.

They're so happy!

Gorgeous eyes. Both of them.

Our location was Bald Eagle State Park.. the same place they were engaged. How sweet. There was some pretty golden evening light. :)

I must confess: I think Kelsey's ring is GORGEOUS!

Back to the dock where they were engaged. :)

Sooo many pretty pictures... I must stop soon...

Dear Zeph & Kelsey,
God bless you both as you walk this road of life together.

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