Monday, August 9, 2010

{Business} Super Senior Portraits 2011

I can't decide what I like best... Weddings or Senior Portraits... There's just something about senior portraits. I LOVE THEM! Maybe it's because I've been a youth group leader for 3 1/2 years, and I'm very comfortable hanging out with teenagers. :) I like capturing the stage of a young person on the brink of their future. There's an air of confidence, uniqueness and hopefulness towards the future. I like how different every single senior is. I like knowing who they are and what they like to do, and how these things have shaped them as a person... And I like telling the story of their past, present and future with my camera.

Recently, I had my first Senior Portrait Session of this year. 2011 seniors rock already!!... Here's a little sneak peek of Janet. PRETTY!!!!!

I'm hoping to schedule many more senior portrait sessions!
Reasons you might want me to be your senior portrait photographer?
1. I believe in painless photography. You think you don't take good pictures? You don't like cameras? Hahaha, no problemo. :)
2. I like to help create something different. Because you're different. :)
3. My
pricing structure is simple and straightforward. I take photos, you get disc and you (or your parents) do what you want with them. :)

Want more info? Want a consultation over coffee? Want to schedule a session?
Email me! Or call. Or
facebook me! Contact info is here.

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