Monday, August 16, 2010

{Children} Raegan & Piper

Photographing children can be challenging. Because attention spans are very small and goodness knows, me--the photographer--is never quite as interesting as Mommy. But I'm okay with that. :) Through the last few months, I've learned a little bit more about how to successfully photograph children... from smiling constantly, working quickly, suggesting the parent brings another person to "wrangle" additional children, and even giving out lollipops (yes, I believe in bribery--I figure, it works with the nieces and nephew!).

An early August Saturday found me photographing two darling sisters.
Meet Raegan. Three years old, cute, and incredibly smiley.

1st shot. No joke. She likes the camera!

And then there was the cutest Hawaiian sundress outfit.

And then there's Piper.
Three months old. With big blue eyes and adorable brunette hair. :)

Actually, the following photo is my absolute *favorite* of the whole session. There's something about her eyes that is so expressive! I stare at it all the time!

What sweet girlies!

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