Thursday, August 19, 2010

{Senior Portraits} Janet

Janet's senior portrait session was centered around a whole road trip down to a beautiful place called "Longwood Gardens." I had never been there before, though many friends told me of its charms... and my favorite painting was inspired by a gazebo at Longwood. :) Several girls (including Janet) and I had a wonderful day chattering about flowers, talking about perfume, a little picknicking and fun shopping. We were just heading back to the gardens for Janet's portrait session in the pretty evening light... and we saw that the gates were closed. *alarmed* Unfortunately, we had just assumed that the hours were the same every day.. not so, and the gardens were already closed for the evening! Sooo we went through about 30 seconds of sadness, and then decided to improvise!! :) Making the most of every opportunity!

On an old Quaker meeting-house porch...

With a funny parasol we found in a fair-trade shop that day...

I love Janet's expressions here.. all elegance & contemplation. :)

A rustic fence by the roadside..

Another fence... and Janet's CUTE shoes! :)

I pretty much loved this field from the first time we drove by it... and by the third time, I said, We must go to the field!!

Old train station. (several deer walked across the tracks while we were here. lol. How amusing! To me, anyway!)

What a lovely day... and what a lovely girl to take pictures of. :) Janet, always stay as lovely on the inside as you are on the outside! Looooooved spending a day capturing your beautiful face! :)

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