Monday, October 11, 2010

{Children} By the Shores of Silver Lake

You should recognize the title if you've ever read the children's series "Little House on the Prairie." My little nieces are really enjoying read-aloud time with their mommy.. these books! (And Little House was always one of my favorite series!). It's pretty great because I get to hear second-hand about how the stories of Laura Ingalls Wilder impacted these little nieces o' mine. How they are "Laura" & "Mary" all-day-long, playing pioneers for hours... They call their puppy-dog "Sam the horse" and decide that I must be "Mrs. Boast" (yay!) and then wonder where my "Mr. Boast" is. Haha! :) Yes, girlies, I wonder sometimes, too! ;)

My nieces* recently turned 3 and 5 years old. To mark the occasion, we spent some time photo-shooting at a nearby lake shore...
Sometimes they were distracted by sailboats! :)

Onward... the 3-year-old darling one.

Childish delight in falling rose petals!

The 5-year-old sweetheart... twirling! Because girls in pretty dresses twirl. :)

And this is where she was being super-silly and getting REALLY CLOSE to the camera. So much laughter!

Sister, sister Love & Laughter.

ALL sisters together..

I can't help but loooove these shots. :) :) :)

* Their parents would like to keep the girlies' names private from the Internet world, hence the lack of specifics. :)

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