Wednesday, October 13, 2010

{Personal} Classical Piano Music

Fur Elise. Canon in D. Jesu, Joy of Man's Desiring. The Wedding March.

You know what those are? Classical music pieces. And why does that interest me? ... Well, stick around and I'll tell you the story.

A few months ago, some dear friends became engaged! (wooohoo!!) And they subsequently asked me to play the piano at their wedding. Classical piano.

And that was my reaction.

Just kidding!! In all seriousness though, I was a *wee bit* apprehensive. For two reasons. #1 - Playing/singing for weddings scare me. It just does. #2. I hadn't played piano classically for yeeeeears. That's right...over ten YEARS!!!!!! (besides my random late-night "look I can still play something classical!" sessions. Sure, I play at least once or twice a week for church. While singing and leading worship. But those long classical pieces, with actual reading music? Um, not so much. )

Then I started thinking.. besides needing to play these classical pieces for the wedding, I needed to stretch myself musically. With recent decisions to focus more on writing music, this could be a good thing. Because my friends' request was just the "kick in the pants" motivation that I needed. I went back to my former classical piano teacher for lessons (Hello, it's been years! Hehe). And began practicing like a madwoman. Practicing those pieces to death.

I practiced so hard that I ruined my perfectly lovely French manicure...

And that's why I don't usually do manicures!

Six pieces of classical beauty.
One song which I was singing and playing piano for. (A Keith Green song called "Make My Life a Prayer to You." I LOVE that song -- and so did the bride & groom).

And finally. Wedding rehearsal. Bonding with a grand piano. I joked about playing Canon in D "cowboy-style." I flubbed the Wedding March and declared "I won't do that tomorrow--I promise!" Mother-of-the-bride (and another of my old piano teachers!) agreed encouragingly. I wake up on the wedding day with butterflies in my stomach and get an encouraging text from my (now current) piano teacher.

The time came....
And I did it!!!!!
Maybe I played Fur Elise a million times... until the groomsmen walked in. Maybe I did repeat the Bridal Chorus twice because everything seemed to happen in slow-motion. Maybe my fingers were shaky and my heart lived in my throat. Maybe I stumbled a bit. But on the upside, I had the best seat in the house! I choked up during the wedding vows, and sang without error. The songs were lovely. The ceremony was lovely. The bride was lovely. Enjoying the reception with my heart happy & relieved... Lovely.

See... still smiling!! (and playing more classical piano these days). :)

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  1. Beautiful pictures! And good for you playing piano; it's something I aspire to, but fail miserably at.