Tuesday, October 19, 2010

{Personal} Happy 31st Anniversary, Mom & Dad!!

Ya know, they don't agree on how they met. My parents. I ask them to tell the story every so often, because I think it's funny to hear the light-hearted banter. It was a high-school party.. and something about her wearing his jacket home. Or him giving her a ride home. It's a bit fuzzy to me, too! :) Regardless, they met and fell in love in a blue-collar community in the great state of Wisconsin. My dad was #7 in 10 kids, working hard on the family dairy farm. My mom was #3 in 6 kids.. They met (however it was). And that dairy farm upbringing my dad had? Now they always agree on how wonderful dairy is in any form--milk, cheese, ice cream, etc. It's quite a family devotion!! :)

They were married. Just 19 and 20 years old. People said it was too young, but they knew. And through the past 31 years, their beautiful love and solid marriage has seen them stay true. Through cross-country moves and big life changes. Through upholding friends & family through difficult times and praying in hospital rooms. Through family road trips in national parks galore. Through seasons of 18-hour workdays and lean winters. Through blizzards and blazing heat. Through joy and sadness. Through serving in church together. Through lots of breakfasts, and lunches and family dinners. Through house-renting and buying and many house renovations. Through joking and laughter abundant. Through job changes and self-employment. Through the raising of children and now the doting on grandchildren. Through life and looking on to the eternal hope they share for the return of their Lord.

Their marriage is one that I want to imitate.

Happy 31st Anniversary, Mom & Dad!
I love you!!

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